What is this?

A website dedicated to the culture, historic sites, ecology, and recreational opportunities of the New England states.

At some point I hope to find a way to include maps in my website, thus making it a real atlas. I’m not sure whether that can be done on WordPress, though, so for now I may be limited to bloggy posts listing the places I know about.

If anyone out there reads this and can think of places I ought to include, let me know. New England isn’t a big region, but there’s a lot packed into a relatively small area, and it’s impossible for anyone to be familiar with all of it–or even with the best of it.

Likewise, if you catch me making outright errors, set me straight. I don’t want to be a purveyor of misinformation.



About Peter Chipman

I'm a lexicographer, an editor, and a lover of language and literature. Also a proud father of two, an occasional bell-ringer, a thirteenth-generation New England Yankee, a former owner of a one-room schoolhouse, and the current owner of a 220-year-old farmhouse.
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