Maple farms

Once upon a time, almost every farm in New England had a small sugarbush–that is, a grove of sugar maples that were kept as a source of sap to be boiled down into syrup and sugar. The old wooden buckets gave way to galvanized steel pails and eventually to plastic tubing, and in the bigger operations reverse-osmosis sap-concentrating machines have partly supplanted the wood-fired evaporator pans. But most smaller maple farms still boil their own sap the old-fashioned way, and some still hang out a few pails, at least on their more visible trees.

Range View Farm, Sandwich, NH    The Carlsons have a small sugaring operation on their farm on Vittum Hill Road in Sandwich. Their traditional saphouse turns out top-quality syrup in small quantities. It’s also available online, though I don’t know how frequently they update their website.

Sugarbush Farm, Quechee, VT    This place makes a fair amount of maple syrup and has other maple products available, as well as making their own cheeses–you can stop in any time of year for a cheese tasting. Not cheap, but good. The farm is pleasantly located, too, at the end of a dead-end road at the foot of a small mountain.

Center Hill Maples, Barnet, VT    Their website says “We tap over 5,000 trees using modern technology, including our 100% vacuum pipeline system with sap-ladders where necessary, a reverse-osmosis water extraction system and a wood-fired evaporator complete with Steam-A-Way™….Visitors are welcome during the annual Maple Open House Weekend, which happens in late March, or anytime by appointment.”

Weston’s Farm, Fryeburg, ME    Located right by the Saco River just on the outskirts of Fryeburg, Weston’s Farm runs a couple of locally prominent farmstands in the summer, in addition to producing maple syrup and hay and Christmas trees and various other products.

Hilltop Boilers, Newfield, ME    A sugaring operation whose proprietor happens to be the webmaster (and treasurer and secretary) of the Maine Maple Producers Association. Not surprisingly, they have a very nice website. Located in the Cumberland County foothills.

Auger Hill Farm, Machias, ME

Bacon Farm, Sidney, ME    Described on their website as being in their sixth generation of operation.

Baker’s Maple Syrup, Shirley, ME

Balsam Ridge Farm, Raymond, ME   Primarily a Christmas tree farm, Balsam Ridge also has a sugarhouse and sells syrup and other maple products.

Beaver Hill Plantation, Freedom, ME

Black Acres Farms, Wilton, ME

Bob’s Sugar House, Dover-Foxcroft, ME    Somehow these folks landed the domain name

Bradbury Maple Farms, Bridgewater, ME    The farm has been in the family for generations and had produced syrup in the past, but according to their website they only started sugaring again in the early 1980s. Good luck to them!

Breakneck Ridge Farm, Blanchard, ME    Their main web page features pictures of the bison they ranch, but they make maple syrup too.

Chandler’s Sugar Shack, Topsfield, ME    A fairly new sugaring operation, in an out-of-the-way location. Website here.

Clark Cole Family Pure Maple Syrup, Dayton, ME

Cooper’s Maple Products, Windham, ME  A horse farm that also sells maple syrup.

Dad’s Maple Sugar Shack, Harrison, ME  A small-scale producer. They have a Facebook page.

Danville Sugarhouse, Harpswell, ME

Day Mountain Maple Products, Farmington (Strong), ME

Dole Pond Maple Products, Dole Brook Township, ME  A big operation way out in the woods.

Ducktrap Valley Maple Farm, Belmont, ME

Grandpa Joe’s Sugar House, East Baldwin, ME Their website is here.

Hall Farms, East Dixfield, ME Their maple business is based in part out of an old schoolhouse. They also have a dairying operation.

Harvest Hill Farms, West Poland, ME They have lots of irons in the fire, agriculturally speaking–beef, vegetables, maple products–they even make pizza. See their website for details.

Haulk’s Maple, Madison, ME A relatively new operation, founded only in 2000.

Hidden Fortune Farm, Jefferson, ME They raise sheep and chickens in addition to making syrup. Website here.

Hartwell Farm, Gorham, ME Their website advertises “maple syrup, grass-fed beef, natural eggs, & farm-raised produce.”

Jillson’s Farm & Sugarhouse, Sabattus, ME  Website here.

Kinney’s Sugarhouse, Knox, ME “One of the largest maple sugar candy producers in the state of Maine,” with 185 acres of sugarbush in production, according to their website.

Maine Mountain Maple Products, Rangeley, ME Their website is rather extravagntly tricked out with technological bells and whistles, but no doubt the syrup they produce still has the old-fashioned flavor.

Maine Sugarworks, Strong, ME They advertise their product as being darker and more flavorful than other commercially-produced product, due to a longer boil with more caramelization of the sugars in the sap.

Maple Leaf Farms, Cornville, ME

Maple Ridge Sugar House, Turner, ME

Maple Valley Farms, Jay, ME

Maple Valley Syrup Company, Porter, ME

Merrifield Farm & Sugar Shack, Gorham, ME

Mitchell & Savage Farm, Bowdoin, ME  A small operation, turning out only 125 to 150 gallons a year, according to their website, which has nice photos of them using a horse-drawn sledge to collect their sap.

Moonlight Maple Company, Mount Vernon, ME  Website here.

Morin’s Maple Syrup, Limerick, ME

Mystic Valley Maples, Dixfield, ME

Nash Valley Farm, Windham, ME

Nutkin Knoll Farm, Newburgh, ME  A Christmas-tree farm that also makes their own syrup. Website here.

Pingree Maple Products, Cornish, ME

Poppa’s Sugar Shack, Bowdoinham, ME

Real Good Maple Syrup, Bowdoinham, ME  You’ve got to love the name!

Reef Point Farm, Addison, ME

Rockwall Maples Farm, Cornville, ME

Sawyer’s Maple Farm, Jackman, ME  A rather new operation–according to their website, they started sugaring in 2010.

Shady Mountain Syrup, Parsonsfield, ME

Simmons and Daughters Maple Syrup, Morrill, ME

Smith Brothers Sugarhouse, Skowhegan, ME

Spring Break Maple and Honey, Smyrna, ME  Website here.

Stearns Hill Farm, West Paris, ME

Strawberry Hill Farm, Skowhegan, ME

Sugarbrook Maple Farm, Mount Vernon, ME

Sweet Williams Maple Syrup, Casco, ME

Tessier’s Farm, Skowhegan, ME  A small family farm with a small sugaring operation. Website here.

Thunder Hill Farm, Waterford, ME

Thurston and Peters Sugarhouse, West Newfield, ME  A modern operation, with oil-fired evaporator and reverse osmosis machine. Website here.

Thurston Road Farm, Cornville, ME

Tim’s Sugarshack, Whitefield, ME

Velvet Hollow Sugar Works, Greenwood, ME

Wentworth Hill Farms, Brooks, ME  Website here.

West Minot Sugarhouse, West Minot, ME

Wilson Family Farm, Albion, ME

Carpenter’s Sugar House, Barnstead, NH

Cormier’s Sugarhouse, Alton, NH Website here.

Green Acres Farm, Tilton, NH Website here.

Smith Farm Stand, Gilford, NH

100 Acre Wood, Intervale, NH  A sugarhouse operated by the Believbe in Books Literacy Foundation. Website here.

Abbott Farm, Moultonborough, NH

Olkkola Farm Saphouse, Ossipee, NH Website here.

Turkey Street Maples, Tamworth, NH  Website here.

Young Maple Ridge Sugarhouse, North Sandwich, NH  Website here.

Fieldstone Farm, Rindge, NH  Website here, touting the fact that their syrup is boiled on a wood-fired arch.

Great Brook Farm, Walpole, NH

Morning Star Maple, Dublin, NH

My Old Farm Maple Syrup, Winchester, NH

Stonewall Farm Sugar House, Keene, NH  Stonewall Farm is a nonprofit farm and educational center. They make maple syrup among many other projects.

Stuart’s and John’s Sugar House, Westmoreland, NH

Tamarack Farm, Alstead, NH

Webber’s Sugar House, Marlborough, NH

Bisson’s Sugar House, Berlin, NH In operation since 1921, Bisson’s still uses a wood-fired evaporator, according to their website.

Burns Lake Farm, Whitefield, NH

Chapple and Sons, Columbia, NH

Fuller’s Sugarhouse, Lancaster, NH  Website here.

Tilton’s Sugarhouse, Groveton, NH  A fairly new operation (founded in 2000), with vacuum extraction and reverse osmosis. Website here.

Benton’s Sugarshack, Thornton, NH  A fifth-generation maple farm. Website here.

Borthwick Farm, Canaan, NH

Bo’s Sugar Shack, Sugar Hill, NH

Butternut Farm, Rumney, NH

Fadden’s General Store & Maple Sugarhouse, North Woodstock, NH  Website here.

Front Yard Sap Suckers, Wentworth, NH

Green Acres Sugar House, Warren, NH

Homestead Maple, Campton, NH

Lake View Farm, Enfield, NH

Little Stream Sugarworks, West Lebanon, NH

Lowell’s Sugar House, Alexandria, NH

Maple Leaf Farm, Lyme, NH

Mount Cube Farm, Orford, NH A family oepration since 1954. Website here.

Mountain Maples, North Woodstock, NH

Pease’s Scenic Valley, Orford, NH

Sugar Hill Maple Farm, Sugar Hill, NH

Sunday Mountain Maple Farm, Orford, NH

The Rocks Estate Sugar House, Bethlehem, NH  A sugaring operation run by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, which also grows Christmas trees on the estate. Website here.

Walker’s Sugar Shack, Bristol, NH

White Mountain Maples, Thornton, NH

Ben’s Sugar Shack, Temple, NH  Website here.

Brookview Sugarhouse, Wilton, NH

Cilley’s Sugar House, Francestown, NH

Hunt’s Sugar House, Hillsborough, NH

Kaison’s Sugar House, Weare, NH

Longview Forest Products, Hancock, NH

Maple Butternut Farm, New Boston, NH

Mt. Crumpit Farm, New Boston, NH

Nature’s Sweet Secret Sugarhouse, Goffstown, NH  The Carons run a small-scale operation–only 400 taps. (The big guys run thousands of taps, or tens of thousands.) Website here.

Old Pound Road Sugar House, Antrim, NH

Parker’s Maple Barn, Mason, NH   Website here.

Sawyer’s Maple Farm, New Ipswich, NH

The Maple Guys, Lyndeborough, NH  They make syrup and also sell sugaring equipment. Website here.

Beaver Meadow Brook Farm, Warner, NH

Catamount Valley Sugar House, Pittsfield, NH

Corliss Farm Sugarhouse, Northfield, NH

Courser Farm, Warner, NH

Hutchinson Family Sugar House, Canterbury, NH

Journey’s End Maple Farm, Pittsfield, NH  A small, second-generation sugaring operation. Website here.

Kearsarge Mountain Maples, Warner, NH

Ledgetop Sugar House, Boscawen, NH  Website here.

Maple Ridge Sugar House, Loudon, NH  Website here.

Mapletree Farm, Concord, NH  Website here.

Merrill Farm, West Franklin, NH

Mudgett Hill Mumbling Maplers, Loudon, NH

Page’s Sap Shed, Loudon, NH

Pearl & Sons Farm, Loudon, NH

Red Roof Maples, Loudon, NH

Rogers Maple Syrup, Warner, NH

Sunnyside Maples, Loudon, NH  Website here.

Tamarack Farm, Canterbury, NH  Website here.

Tucker Mountain Maple, Andover, NH

Two Taps Sap House, Loudon, NH

Windswept Maples Farm, Loudon, NH  A family farm since 1780, according to their website here.

Wychwood Farm, Andover, NH

Anderson’s Mini-Maples, Deerfield, NH

Folsom’s Sugarhouse, Chester, NH  Making syrup since 1991. Website here.

Peterson Sugarhouse, Londonderry, NH

Willow Creek Sugarhouse, East Kingston, NH  A very new operation–founded in 2009!

Wilson’s Sugarhouse, Brentwood, NH  Website here.

Forty to One, Farmington, NH  Website here.

Spring Harvest Maple Farm, Barrington, NH  Website here.

Atkins Family Sugar House, Washington, NH

Bascom Maple Farms, Alstead, NH

Clark’s Sugar House, Langdon, NH

Derry Hill Farm, Acworth, NH

Fletcher & Family Sugar House, Washington, NH

Harding Hill Farm, Sunapee, NH

Hillside Sugar Bush Farm, Cornish, NH

Leavitt Family Maple, Sunapee, NH

Short’s Sugar House, Langdon, NH

Taylor Brother Sugarhouse & Creamery, Meriden, NH  They make maple syrup and have dairy cows. Website here.

Valley View Maple Farm, Springfield, NH  Website here.

Eastman Long & Sons, Waitsfield, VT  Website here.

Center Hill Maples, Barnet, VT  Website here.

Jed’s Maple Products, Westfield, VT  Website here.

Vermont Trade Winds Farm, Shoreham, VT  Website here.

Dakin Farm, Ferrisburgh, VT  Website here.

Little Charlie’s Sugarbush, Jay, VT  Website here.

Tucker Maple Farm, Westford, VT  Website here.

Mount Mansfield Maple Products, Colchester, VT  Website here.

Nebraska Knoll Sugar Farm, Stowe, VT  Website here.

Redrock Valley Maple Farm, Starksboro, VT

Limlaw Family Maple Farm, West Tospfield, VT  Website here.

Deer Ridge Maple, Derby, VT  Website here.

Quarry Hill Farm, Jeffersnoville, VT  Website here.

Evans Maple Farm, East Dummerston, VT  Website here.

Morse Farm, Montpelier, VT  Website here.

Butternut Mountain Farm, Johnson, VT  Website here.

Fleury’s Maple Hill Farm, Richfield, VT

Eb Kinney Jr. & Son, Brownsville, VT

K & S Ruane Maple Sugar Farm, Tinmouth, VT

Williams Farms, Cornwall, VT  Website here.

Andersonville Maple, West Glover, VT  Website here.

Shaker Hill Sugarworks, Starksboro, VT

Boyden Farm, Cambridge, VT  Website here.

McBride Family Maples, Westford, VT  Website here.

Judd’s Wayeeses Farm, Morgan, VT  Website here.

Bragg Farm, East Montpelier, VT  Eighth-generation maple farmers. Website here.

Sprague & Son, Jacksonville, VT

Mountain Valley Maple Farm, West Rupert, VT

Sweet Maple Alpaca Farm, Westminster, VT  As the name implies, they’re an alpaca farm that also produces maple syrup. Website here.

Green Mountain Sugar House, Ludlow, VT  Website here.

Above the Notch Maple Syrup, Lowell, VT  Website here.

Couture’s Maple Shop, Westfield, VT  Website here.

Vermont Highlands, Troy, VT  A beef-cattle farm that also has a sugarhouse.  Website here.

Cross Road Sugaring Company, Ira, VT  Website here.

Havoc Hill Sugarhouse, East Dorset, VT

Richardson Family Farm, Woodstock, VT

Senecal’s Sugarhouse, Stamford, VT

Vermont Maple Outlet, Jeffersonville, VT  Seventh-generation maple farmers, according to their website.

Ledge Haven Farm, Orwell, VT  Website here.

Amber Ridge Maple, Essex Junction, VT  Website here.

Macomber Mountain Farm, Underhill, VT  Website here.

Beaver Meadows, Craftsbury, VT  Website here.

Palmer Lane Maple, Jeffersonville, VT  Website here.

Morey Farms, Troy, VT

Baird Farm, North Chittenden, VT  Website here.

Sugar & Spice, Mendon, VT  Website here.

Top Acres, South Woodstock, VT

Green’s Sugarhouse, Poultey, VT  Website here.

Mom & Pop’s, Rochester, VT  Since 1918. Website here.

Taft’s Milk & Maple Farm, Huntington, VT  Website here.

Double Diamond Sugar house, Brownsville, VT  Website here.

Sugartree Maple Farm, Williston, VT  Website here.

Robb Family Farm, Brattleboro, VT  A beef and maple farm. Website here.

Bill’s Lakeshore Maples, Newport, VT  Website here.

Mount Pleasant Sugarworks, Leicester, VT  Website here.

Krueger-Norton Sugarhouse, Shrewsbury, VT  Website here.

Mitch’s Maple, Chester, VT

Comeau Family Sugarhouse, Williston, VT

Goss Sugarhouse, Barnet, VT

Havoc Hill Sugarhouse, East Dorset, VT

Merck Forest & Farmland Center, Rupert, VT  A nonprofit environmental-education center. Website here.

Collins Sugar Bush, Newport Center, VT

Echo Hill Farm, East Craftsbury, VT  A fourth-generation oepration. Website here.

Smith Maple Crest Farm, Shrewsbury, VT  Website here.

Goodrich’s Maple Farm, Cabot, VT  Family owned since 1840, according to their website.

Allen Family Maple Farm, Starksboro, VT  Website here.

Maple Knoll Farm, Springfield, VT  Website here.

Ox Pasture Maples, East Berkshire, VT  Website here.

D&D Sugarwoods, Glover, VT  Website here.

The Maple Hut, Agawam, MA  A small operation–in 2012 they produced just 17 gallons of syrup. Website here.

Amburgey Farm Sugarhouse, Ashburnham, MA

Dave’s Sugar House, Ashby, MA  Website here.

South Village Sugarhouse, Ashby, MA  Website here.

Cranston’s Christmas Tree Farm, Ashfield, MA  Website here.

Edge Hill Sugarhouse, Ashfield, MA

Gray’s Sugarhouse, Ashfield, MA

Raspberry Patch Farm, Ashfield, MA

South Face Farm, Ashfield, MA  Website here.

Desjardins Maple Syrup, Belchertown, MA  Website here.

Occasional Creek Maple, Belchertown, MA  Website here.

Shattuck’s Sugarhouse, Belchertown, MA  Facebook page here.

Slocum’s Sugar Shack, Bernardston, MA

Blue Heron Farm, Charlemont, MA  Website here.

Valley View Farm, Charlemont, MA

Roaring Brook Farm, Chester, MA

Browning Brook Maple, Colrain, MA

Hager Brother Farm, Colrain, MA   Dairy cows and maple syrup.

Sunrise Farms, Colrain, MA

Boyden Brothers Maple, Conway, MA

Burnett’s Sugarhouse, Conway, MA

Chestnut Lot Farm, Conway, MA

Maple Hollow Sugarhouse, Cummington, MA

Tessier’s Sugarhouse, Cummington, MA

Williams Farm, Deerfield, MA  Website here.

Triple Oaks Farm, East Brookfield, MA

Zilinski Sugarhouse, Erving, MA

Circle J Maple Syrup, Florida, MA

Bill’s Sugarhouse, Goshen, MA

Parker’s Sugar House, Granby, MA

Maple Corner Farm, Granville, MA

North Hadley Sugar Shack, Hadley, MA  Website here.

Ioka Valley Farm, Hancock, MA  Beef cattle, with maple syrup as a sideline. Website here.

Hardwick Sugar Shack, Hardwick, MA

Maxfield Family Sugar House, Hardwick, MA

Berkshire Sweet Gold, Heath, MA  Website here.

Freeman Farm, Heath, MA

Girard Sugarhouse, Heath, MA

Maple Lane Farm, Heath, MA

Smith’s Sugaring, Heath, MA  Described in their entry on the Massachusetts Maple Producers web page as “200 years of tradition unimpeded by progress.”

Boisseau Family Sugar House, Huntington, MA

Windy Pines, Huntington, MA

Mill Brook Sugarhouse, Lenox, MA

Field Family Sugarhouse, Leverett, MA

Leverett Sugar Shack, Leverett, MA

Bree-Z-Knoll Farm, Leyden, MA

Ed’s Sugar Shack, Leyden, MA

Red Roof Sugarhouse, Leyden, MA

Ewen’s Sleepy Hollow Sugarhouse, Lunenburg, MA

Maxwell Road Maple, Monson, MA

Old Homestead Farm, Montague, MA

Ripley Farm Sugarhouse, Montague, MA

Jennings Brook Farm, New Ashford, MA

Turtle Lane Maple Farm, North Andover, MA

Davell’s Farm, North Attleboro, MA  Website here.

Shaler’s Sugarhouse, North Brookfield, MA

The Warren Farm, North Brookfield, MA  Website here.

Gauvin’s Sugarhouse, North Orange, MA

Zawalick’s Sugarhouse, Northampton, MA

Quinn’s Sugarhouse, Northfield, MA

Round Mountain Farm, Northfield, MA  Website here.

Severance’s Maple Products, Northfield, MA

Deer Run Maples, Otis, MA

Boggastowe Farm, Pepperell, MA

Deer Hill Maple, Plainfield, MA  Website here.

Fournier’s Sugarhouse, Plainfield, MA  Website here.

Thatcher’s Sugarhouse, Plainfield, MA  Website here.

Davenport Maple Farm, Shelburne, MA

Fog Hollow Farm, Shelburne, MA

Gould’s Sugarhouse, Shelburne, MA  Six generations making maple syrup, according to their website.

Graves Sugarhouse, Shelburne, MA

Mount Massaemet Sugarhouse, Shelburne, MA

Turner Farms, South Egremont, MA  Website here.

K.E. Farm, Sturbridge, MA  Website here.

Maple Ledge Farm, Sturbridge, MA

Gothic Top Farm, Sunderland, MA

Red Sugarhouse at Twin-Brook Campground, Tolland, MA

Crystal Brook Farm, Tyringham, MA

Sugarbush Farm, Wendell, MA

Matfield Maple Farm, West Bridgewater, MA  Website here.

Beans Maple Distillery, West Whately, MA

Pomeroy’s Sugarhouse, Westfield, MA

Bridgmont Farm, Westhampton, MA

Hanging Mountain Farm, Westhampton, MA

Laprade & Sons, Westhampton, MA

Mayval Farm, Westhampton, MA  Dairy cows and maple syrup. Website here.

Steve’s Sugar Shack, Westhampton, MA

Land’s Sake, Weston, MA  Website here.

Rock Island Farm, Westminster, MA

Brookledge Sugar House, Whately, MA  Website here.

Windsorhill Sugar House, Windsor, MA

Dufresne’s Sugar House, Williamsburg, MA

Lawton Family Sugarhouse, Williamsburg, MA  Making maple syrup for seven generations, according to their website.

Paul’s Sugarhouse, Williamsburg, MA

Sweet Brook Farm, Williamstown, MA  Website here.

High Hopes Farm, Worthington, MA  Website here.

Justamere Tree Farm, Worthington, MA  Website here.

The Red Bucket Sugar Shack, Worthington, MA

Windy Hill Farm, Worthington, MA

Stamford Museum and Nature Center, Stamford, CT

Warrup’s Farm, Redding, CT  Website here.

Arlow’s Sugar Shack, Granby, CT

Lamothe’s Sugar House, Burlington, CT  Website here.

Northwest Park Sugarhouse, Windsor, CT

Sweet Wind Farm, East Hartland, CT  Website here.

Durham Sugar House, Durham, CT  Website here.

Moore’s Sugar Shack, Westbrook, CT

Rick’s Sugar Shack, East Hampton, CT

Anstett’s Sugar Farm, Norfolk, CT

Brookside Farm II, Litchfield, CT

Brother and Sons Sugarhouse, Torrington, CT

Dutton’s Sugarhouse, Washington, CT

Great Brook Sugarhouse, New Milford, CT

Kasulaitis Farm, Barkhamsted, CT

Hilljack Sugar Shack, Litchfield, CT

Woodbury Sugarshed, Woodbury, CT

West Hill Sugarhouse, New Hartford, CT

Brooksvale Park Sugar Shack, Hamden, CT

Maple Grove Farm, Guilford, CT

Wayne’s Sugarhouse, North Branford, CT

Bureau’s Sugarhouse, Old Lyme, CT  A maple farm whose chief product is maple-flavored popcorn. Website here.

Oweneco Farms, Lebanon, CT

Bradway’s Sugarhouse, Stafford Springs, CT

Hurst Farm, Andover, CT

Bats of Bedlam Maple Farm, Chaplin, CT

Fabyan Sugar Shack, North Grosvenordale, CT

Gager Hill Farms, Scotland, CT

Maple Leaf Farm, Canterbury, CT  Website here.

Norman’s Sugarhouse, Woodstock, CT

River’s Edge Sugar House, Ashford, CT  Website here.

Sweet Sue’s Sugar Shack, Thompson, CT

Charlie’s Sugarhouse, Greene, RI

Robert Harmon, Greene, RI

Kingston Syrup, Kingston, RI

Spring Hill Sugar House, Richmond, RI

Uncle Buck’s Sugar House, Ashaway, RI


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