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Country fairs

Many of New England’s country fairs were established in the 19th century by agricultural societies, and though they now do offer fried dough and rides on the Tilt-a-Whirl and opportunities to win a SpongeBob Squarepants doll by tossing darts at … Continue reading

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Apple farms

Apples were historically grown all over New England, both for eating and more importantly for making hard cider. Most farms had at least a few apple trees, though they wouldn’t necessarily have their own cider mill–farmers would cart their apples … Continue reading

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Maple farms

Once upon a time, almost every farm in New England had a small sugarbush–that is, a grove of sugar maples that were kept as a source of sap to be boiled down into syrup and sugar. The old wooden buckets … Continue reading

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Town pounds

These structures, usually consisting of four low walls either of fieldstone or of rough-cut granite, were built as a temporary holding place for any livestock that escaped from their owners. In order to reclaim the pig or cow in question, … Continue reading

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